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About us

about_usWe are a leading center for societal and political studies. We follow the tradion of the first independent agency for social and market research in Bulgaria.

We represent the global Gallup International Association. 

We have the capacity to:




  • Carry out interviews - "face-to-face", CATI, online 
    • Carry out in-dept interviews
    • Do qualitative surveys in our in-house studios with CCTV (Cable Connected Television) viewing
    • Process own or client’s data using the resources of in-house DP departments
    • Analyze wide scope of research findings in a qualified and highly committed team of professionals
    • Provide relevant and up-to-date expert comments

    Information-iconFor English translation contact us at office@gallup-international.bg


    23, James Boucher Blvd.
    Sofia, 1164, Bulgaria
    E-mail: office@gallup-international.bg
    Tel.: +359 2 96 94 101
    Fax: +359 2 42 24 712 

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