BAMOR’s Position

Position of the Bulgarian Association of Marketing and Opinion Researchers on the proposed changes in the Electoral Law


The chairman of the National Assembly Tsetska Tsacheva

The chairman of the Law commission in the National Assembly Danail Kirilov

Copy to:

Prime minister Boyko Borissov,

President of the Republic of Bulgaria Rosen Plevneliev,

Ombudsman of Republic of Bulgaria Maya Manolov,

All Bulgarian and international press and electronic media


In view of the changes voted by the Commission of Law in the National Assembly concerning ban on publishing results concerned with electoral studies during electoral campaign period. We, the members of the Bulgarian association of professionals in marketing and public opinion research declare:

  • Such a ban violates the right for free information exchange, freedom of speech and expression. Similar practice exists only in totalitarian states and Bulgarian citizens were acquainted with before 1989.
  • It sets space for manipulation of the electoral process since no subject will take responsibility for any hypothetical results that are published.
  • The age of social networking makes such a ban nonsensical and puts public media in a disadvantaged position
  • The ban is discriminatory as it does not limit the rights of parties to order electoral research, but it limits citizens’ rights to information.

Hence, we the members of the Bulgarian association of professionals in marketing and public opinion research insist on the adherence of the principles of democracy and oppose such a change in the Electoral codex. We will keep our right to refer to competent institutions.


20th April 2016

Alexander Stoyanov (Center for study of Democracy)

Boryana Dimitrova (Alpha research)

Vladislav Kolev (cQuest Market Research & Consulting)

Danyo Dimitrov (JTN Research)

Divil Kulev (Noema)

Dobromir Zhivkov (Market Lynks)

Iva Dimova (Ipsos Bulgaria)

Ivaylo Bogomilov (Market Test)

Marchella Abracheva (TNS – BBSS)

Petar Zhivkov (Institute for social research and marketing MBMD)

Svetoslav Slavov (GfK Bulgaria)

Stoyan Mihaylov (Junction)

Julian Dobrev (Blue Point)


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