Snap Poll among Teachers

Slide1 ENGBulgarian teachers are confident in their professional abilities and are secure in their community. However, they do not find sufficient trust from society in their work. A moderate support for the reform in the schooling system is found. The majority of the teachers are found to be familiar with the new educational programmes and are ready to work. There is a generally positive attitude towards teachers helding general summits each year.

The research was conducted as part of a Ministry of education and science program which aims to study the attitudes of teachers nationwide. The survey was conducted on the 11th and 12th of June among a sample of 715 teachers from different schools, regions and educational programmes. The study raises interesting hypotheses and questions for further research.

Acquaintance with plans for reform:

Approximately 2/3 of the respondents are sufficiently informed for the new Law in education. The youngest teachers are least informed about the new Law, whereas the principals are (as expected) best informed about the new Law. Regardless, about 1/3 of the respondents are unfamiliar with the new Law and need more information about it.

Attitudes towards reform:

46% believe that reform in education will facilitate the prestige of the teachers’ profession, however some 39% think that it would not have any effect. The belief that facilitating the prestige of the profession is supported by the younger proportion of people in the schooling system.

Knowledge on the new reform law:

According to teachers the main points of the education Law has not reached to a broader part of parents and students (81%). At the same time 95% of teachers are willing to make their own decisions on the methods of teaching in class. However, when asked if they fell support from society around ¾ of the teachers say they do not feel society’s support.

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