Polling on Environmental Issues and Hypotheses

Slide1 ENGA study conducted from 13th May until 19th of May aimed at determining the attitudes for preservation of the Bulgarian Black sea coast.The majority of respondents accept all ideas on preservation of the Black sea coast by default. People with higher level of educational and income background tend to be more responsive on the issue of preservation. No differences in opinions .

Bulgarians are found to support by default any ideas for preservation of the Black sea coast and the nature by default. People with higher education and income show higher support. Besides this trend no other significant differences between groups are found.

For example, respondents were asked if they would support any construction in a kilometer from the beach. This option was supported by 81% of all respondents with over 90% of people with higher education.

At the same time 15% believe that environment protection does contradict with economic development. As expected the share of such answers is higher in smaller cities where this presents a problem for communities. 2/3 rd of respondents disagree with such a statement. This shows that the majority of respondents don’t see a contradiction between environmental protection and economic development. The two topics are considered independently.

Ban on tents?

A politically discussed topic in the country – the ban for placing tents however shows that there is negative support for such ban. The statement that placing tents on the beach should be banned is supported by 29%, whereas 40% do not support such a ban. The younger and respondents with higher education do not support the ban.

The lack of any specific differences between the social groups show that environmental protection is not perceived as an important political topic. Similar attitudes were registered in 2012 when ‘Gallup-international’ tested the public opinion on this topic.

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