Quick Count – General Election 2017

Gallup LogoVoter turnout: 51,5%.
Quick count by “Gallup International” – 100% of the sample:

GERB – 32,9
Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) – 28,1
Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF) – 9,3
United Patriots – 9,5
Volya (Will) – 4,1
Reformist Bloc-Vox Populi – 3,3
DOST – 3,2
Yes, Bulgaria – 3,0
ABV (Alternative for Bulgarian Renaissance ) -Movement 21 – 1,7
New republic 2,4
Do not support anyone – 2,6
Others – 2,5

ommissioned and funded by:

Bulgarian National Television and “NOVA BROADCASTING GROUP”

Conducted by:

“Gallup International”


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