Second Snap Poll – State of Emergency and Coronavirus

There has been no significant dynamic in the mass consciousness in Bulgaria regarding the coronavirus over the last week. This is the conclusion from the second wave of survey regarding the coronavirus and the prevention measures taken by the government – conducted among 850 adult Bulgarians between 30th and 31st of March.

 2/3 of the Bulgarians consider the measures taken by the government are sufficient. Yet, there is a slight increase in the share of those who consider the measures excessive (now 20%) compared to the previous week.  The proportion of those who think that these measures are insufficient slightly decreases (12%). The measures themselves are “unpleasant but bearable” for 82% of Bulgarian citizens. Another 15% say they are “already unbearable”. Among the active population, these numbers are 80% and 17% respectively.

The government’ actions are again highly evaluated – as they were the previous week. In this context, the National Operations Headquarters also retains its approval in the current state of emergency. The crisis gains a new boost of confidence for the authorities.

According to the main survey indicator: Do people reside in:

  • Panic fear – 24%
  • Anxiety – 60%
  • Are handling the situation calmly – 13%

The rest find it difficult to answer,

No significant change is observed.

However, the numbers describing the economic consciousness of the population are disturbing: more than 1/3 declare that after the introduction of the state of emergency their income has decreased. Others, almost ¼ live with the fear that their income might decline.

As many as 6% of the working respondents (doubled in two weeks) say they have already lost their jobs and another 10% say this is their immediate prospect. A majority of 7O% of the employed do not think that their job is at risk.

By age – the economically active are also the ones who share the most worrying evaluations about the prospects of their income. Perhaps this is why the youngest groups find the measures more unbearable.

Overall, Bulgarians tolerate restrictions and there is no need for short-term adjustments to the emergency regime. Except for the economic situation where dark clouds pile up.


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Registration method:

CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interview) + SMS

National representative panel methodology

n=1000, nationally representative for the population aged 18+


Absolute maximum error ± 3.4 at 50% shares

1% of the sample equals 55 000 people


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