A New GIA’s Anniversary Book

“75 Years Anniversary Survey” is the latest booklet by Gallup International Association. It is based on a special global polling programme conducted in 64 countries around the world – celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Association. The edition includes the annual “End of Year” survey as well.

The book provides a rich database with global trends, regional and national cross-sections and demographic profiles on various topics – personal hopes, economic expectations, fears surrounding the war in Ukraine, attitudes towards the world’s superpowers, standards of living between generations, attitudes towards migration and religion, expectations for the future in different aspects, etc.

The book was edited by “Gallup International Balkan” – the Bulgarian GIA team in close cooperation with GIA’s researchers around the globe. An article is included by Kancho Stoychev, the president of GIA, as well as a specially designed index of satisfaction with the place people live around the globe.

GIA continues with its open access publishing programme with rich databases to serve as a guide for understanding global public opinion. “Voice of the People. Annual Global End of Year Surveys”, “Voice of the People 2018”, “Voice of the People 2015”, “Polling around the World” and “Voice of the People 2006” all provide a free full text access.


Gallup International Association or its members are not related to Gallup Inc., headquartered in Washington D.C which is no longer a member of Gallup International Association.

Gallup International Association does not accept responsibility for opinion polling other than its own. We require that our surveys be credited fully as Gallup International (not Gallup or Gallup Poll). For further details see: http://www.gallup-international.com/.