First glance of the electoral profile after the second round of local elections

We publish some of the demographic profiles from the exit polls in Sofia, Plovdiv and Varna after the second round of the local elections. More detailed graphs, tables and comments were already commented on election night in partner media Nova, BNT, BNR and Bulgaria on Air. We publish a profile of the electorates of the candidates in the three cities, which everyone can use to make their own detailed reading.

In Sofia, the demographic structure of the vote shows that among the younger and active age group, the preferences are more towards Vasil Terziev. In Terziev’s case over 80% of the vote comes from graduates, while in Grigorova’s case this share is ten points lower. Expectedly, Vanya Grigorova garners more sympathy among the oldest. The difference in the profiles of the two candidates is not drastic, but still, among those who voted for the United for Sofia candidate, the working population is slightly more visible, compared to those behind the United Left candidate – where there is also a higher proportion of pensioners.

There is a slightly higher preference for Vanya Grigorova among the female audience: the share of the women’s vote for her is nearly 60%, while for Terziev – slightly lower.

If over 70% of the vote for Terziev comes from the PP-DB-SS, the share of BSP supporters in the second round of voting for Grigorova is just over a third. Grigorova reinforces the image of a candidate with a rather protest and non-partisan focus.

And how many people from other electorates actually came out? Perhaps about two-thirds of those who came out in the first round in Sofia for the list or mayoral candidate of “Revival” have come out now. A serious majority among them have chosen Grigorova. Thus, just over 20 thousand votes for Vanya Grigorova in the second round of the local vote came from the “Revival” party. Above these levels are the votes coming from GERB. Here, however, one can assume a much more solid result – insofar as the large number of refusals of the exit poll probably hides precisely the voters for Grigorova GERB supporters. In total, about half who came out for GERB or Hekimian in the first round are apparently coming out now.

Maybe half of Willy Lilkov’s fans have come out now. The ratio is clearly in favor of Terziev, although there are high shares in the “I do not support anyone” option. Similar results are observed among GERB supporters in Sofia.

In Plovdiv and Varna it was interesting to see how the strong local lists whose candidates for mayor were not included in the ballots voted. Curiously, several thousand votes from United for Plovdiv actually went to Kostadin Dimitrov, as announced. In Varna, on the other hand, nearly a tenth of the votes for Blazhe Kotsev came from Civic Alternative, and another few percent – from the Agricultural Union “Alexander Stamboliiski”. This is a total of about several thousand votes.





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