About Us

We are a leading centre for social and political surveys. We continue the tradition of the first independent agency for social and marketing surveys in Bulgaria established in 1991.

“Gallup International” Association has been presented in Bulgaria through our activity since 1993. We are a regional centre for the Balkans coordinating the activities of a network of research agencies from several countries across the region.

We have the capacity for:

  • Conducting more than 100,000 interviews annually (“face-to-face”, through tablet, on the phone, online);
  • Conducting in-depth interviews;
  • Realizing qualitative studies in a studio for group discussions (focus groups) equipped with recording and monitoring systems;
  • Data setting and computer data processing;
  • Analysis of wide-ranging research data by highly qualified professionals;
  • Qualitative and present-day expert commentary.

Quality Standards

The association is guided by the first of its kind standard guaranteeing the highest quality of work of member research agencies – ESOMAR.

Through its code and guiding principles ESOMAR guarantees protection of respondents’ personal data in the polls regardless of methodology and technology of conducting the survey.

All ESOMAR members are obliged to respect The International Code for Practices in Marketing and Social Surveys.

The Code is created together by ESOMAR and the International Trade Chamber and is adopted by the biggest national professional organizations of research agencies across the globe.


Gallup International Association

GIA is a leading organization for marketing surveys and public opinion polls with 72 member agencies and coverage of 89 per cent of the world market. Site.

In the course of more than 70 years the members of the world association “Gallup International” demonstrate their expertise to simultaneously conduct polls in several countries on a comparable basis and provide the highest quality of the polls.

Members of the Association are leading national institutes with profound knowledge of the local research methods and techniques, statistical sources, lifestyle and cultural differences for each country and are carefully selected by the Board of the Association. For each country there is only one member agency. The members work together day-to-day in order to share knowledge, new research techniques and tools for providing the most appropriate solutions to international research projects as well as for serving their clients in the best possible way.

Union “Made in Bulgaria”

The Union works for raising the confidence in Bulgarian goods and improving their competitiveness on both the domestic and the international markets.

Our experience

We are experts in measuring and analyzing electoral attitudes and behavior before and after elections as well as on the election day. It includes:

  • Dynamics of electoral attitudes: monthly, quarterly, annually;
  • Voters’ profile;
  • Voters’ relation (reasons for supporting/ not supporting a given political actor);
  • Electoral prognoses (in advance and on the election day);

We conduct various methods of surveys in voting behavior since the early 1990’s.

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