Political Process and Public Opinion in Bulgaria in 2013

In 240 pages the book makes the first of its kind sociological summary of an incredibly dynamic 2013 in Bulgaria.

Publisher: Сиела

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This edition contains still unpublished retrospective data from monthly public opinion surveys dating back even to the early 1990s. Thus the book turns into a specific review of the public attitudes in the course of more than two decades of political history.

The edition resumes the tradition of public opinion reviews familiar as “Gallup International” yearbooks. Because of the key events taking place in 2013, the book provides a description of main political events and processes while it refrains from turning into a historical reading or a lengthy political science analysis.

The data in the yearbooks are taken from the monthly independent nationally representative surveys familiar as Political and Economic Index of “Gallup International” as well as from express phone polls, international surveys of the world association “Gallup International”, exit polls during election in May 2013 and the “nuclear energy” referendum in January 2013.

Beside a guidebook, the book is a particular “urgent documenting” of what happened in 2013: two large-scale protest outbursts, three governments, contested elections, a first of its kind national referendum, etc. Despite narrating of interesting events, the book does not leave the professional and unbiased stylistics. It strives to be useful and meaningful in generally orienting how sociological surveys should be “read”.

The edition provides data for the confidence in institutions and political parties as well as public attitudes on a series of key political issues of 2013. Included are 237 figures: colored graphs and tables, detailed electoral profiles, international comparative data, curious hypotheses in comparisons with the 90’s, etc.

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