Political Process and Public Opinion in Bulgaria in 2014

This yearbook hosts a special chapter dedicated to “A quarter century after the year 1989”.

Publisher: Сиела

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Beside main indicators for confidence in institutions and other public authorities, the “Gallup International” yearbook contains data about expectations for economy and personal finances, public reactions to problems with banks, the crisis in Ukraine and many other issues with which 2014 is to be remembered.

This time, the book features a special chapter “A quarter of a century after 1989” with public evaluations of the recent past. There one can find published monthly data since the early 1990s which only “Gallup International” is able to provide. These are hundreds of consecutive surveys.

The “Gallup International” review of 2014 contains for the first time a guidebook with main events. The yearbook also offers detailed demographic data from the various elections in 2013 and 2014 thus opening up the opportunity for in-depth electoral analyses.

Data of the international association WIN/ “Gallup International”, the leading global association of independent research agencies, are published. Introducing points for each chapter as well as some of the most important among a total of 120 colored figures are accompanied with a text in English.

The annual review of 2014 steps chiefly on the monthly, independent from external funding, representative for the adult population of the country public opinion surveys dating back to the early 1990s.

Precisely in the early 1990s “Gallup International” launched its first yearbooks. The tradition was reestablished in 2013 as the highly interesting political events throughout this year served as an occasion. The yearbook of 2013 also can – still can – be found on the market. It is extremely ambitious in both its volume and detail of the provided information.

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