Political Process and Public Opinion in Bulgaria in 2016

An yearly review in graphs and text, following the more important surveys of the Agency throughout 2016.

Publisher: Сиела

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The book furthers the tradition of “Gallup International” yearbooks of 2013, 2014 and 2015.

In graphs and text, the annual review follows the more important surveys of the agency in 2016 and describes the key moments in the political process. This time as usual, the yearbook provides a guidebook of the important events throughout the year as well as translation of the main information into English.

By the end of President Plevneliev’s term in office the book shows a unique full graph of monthly data on the confidence in the presidential institution since 1992. Previously unseen retrospective picture of confidence in the EU through monthly surveys since the beginning of the new century is featured as well.

The book also included data from the international comparative surveys of the leading global association WIN/ “Gallup International”. That is why you will find many rankings of countries across the world along different indicators, such as feeling of personal happiness, optimism and pessimism, etc.

The “Gallup International” yearbook does not miss anything important from the data of public opinion on the key US elections, the referendum with which the UK decided to leave the EU, the coup attempt in Turkey, and many others.

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