Political Process and Public Opinion in Bulgaria in 2018

The “Gallup International” luxury yearbook synthesizes public opinion in Bulgaria and around the globe.

Publisher: Сиела

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The book is a “representative sample” of public attitudes on all interesting things throughout the year. For the first time, retrospective graphs are included for the evaluations of economy and personal finances, upon the length of two decades with monthly data. Still many similar retrospective surveys, with hundreds of monthly waves, may be found in this and the other “Gallup International” yearbooks.

Huge parts of the data featuring in the book are derived exclusively for it and are not published elsewhere. You will also find part of the results of a unique survey among the Western Balkan countries as well as multiple information from the surveys of the world association “Gallup International” which is a leading global association of research agencies. The book also forwards to a series of accompanying research and public initiatives in which “Gallup International” participates.

​Spanning over 270 pages, the book is simultaneously a collection, a handbook of sociology and a chronicle. Scientific rigorousness being respected, the reading suits the mass audience as well. It is understandably recommendable for researchers in the domain of social sciences. The book has turned into an annual tradition and is related to both yearbooks from the previous five years (also available on the market) and the annual reviews from the 1990s.

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