Products & Services

We can offer:

  • Conducting a survey with a questionnaire and sample parameters prepared by you;
  • Working out a research programme including surveys based on different methodologies in order to answer your questions correctly with information and analyses;
  • Including your questions for survey in existing regular/ repetitive and standardised polls conducted by us;
  • Analyzing and presenting data from various sources (out of fieldwork and desk research studies);
  • Realizing computer processing and analysis of your own data/ databases;
  • Measuring the development potential of your activities and/ or business;
  • Consulting services.

Political & Economic Index

The Political and Economic index is a unique independent research product based on monthly face-to-face public opinion polls which enables tracing long-term trends since the early 1990’s until now every single month.

A small part of the Index is usually published while the huge part of the data in it remains accessible only to subscribers.

The product offers a highly valuable national psychology picture of Bulgaria as it gives the opportunity of tracing years back tens of indicators: confidence in politicians, institutions, political parties, electoral attitudes, expectations for the economy and personal finances.

For subscribing to the Political and Economic Index, please contact us.

Express polls

The express surveys – both phone call and online – emerge as a key product of the agency. They are conducted along an innovative panel technology and allow for extremely fast and simultaneously reliable results.

The panel technology allows for a fast modelling of a national sample thus overcoming the disadvantages of the traditional phone call surveys.

These surveys are very appropriate for fast sounding of main trends in a dynamically changing environment.

Electoral sociology

The agency stands out as a recognized leader in the domain of electoral sociology and the election-day sociology. Our exit poll and parallel vote counting have always proved correct.

The accuracy of our job has been marked by the global “Gallup International” Association. Top mass media in Bulgaria have been clients of our exit poll and parallel vote counting in the election day.

Consultancy of public policies

We have rich experience in research programmes oriented towards consulting policies, programmes and concrete measures.

Our expertise extends well beyond public opinion polls. We offer integral research approaches including quantitative and qualitative methods, analysis and counselling.

International surveys

The leading world research association “Gallup International” is presented in Bulgaria through our activity.

It allows for surveys through samples in different countries and regions across the world as well as global comparative studies. This opportunity is unique for Bulgaria.

At the same time, our Agency has the capacity to conduct fast polls in the whole region of Southeast Europe as well as in other neighboring regions. It is the only opportunity existent in Bulgaria for such fast and accurate international regional surveys.