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Second Wave of Global Polling. Around the Globe: Worries about the Disease and Poverty. Support for the Authorities. Same in Bulgaria with some Important Specifics

Global concern about the spread of the Coronavirus is growing. In addition, worries of an economic and social crisis are deepening. Majorities stay supportive of their governments in the fight against the disease and are even ready to sacrifice specific rights. These are some of the conclusions from the second “snap poll” held by the

THE CORONAVIRUS: A VAST SCARED MAJORITY AROUND THE WORLD according to the snap poll by Gallup International Association

A majority of people express worries for themselves and their loved ones in relation to the Coronavirus. About three-quarters say they are even ready to sacrifice some of their human rights if that helps. Most nations stand behind their governments in this battle. At the same time, however, almost half of the respondents agree that

Voice of the People Government Index

Electorates and elites – how deep is the gap. Definition: a combination of beliefs that the country is led in the right direction, that the will of the people is respected and that the government is efficient. Only one third of global citizens evaluate their governments favorably. But the differences between global regions and within