International Polls

A New GIA’s Anniversary Book

“75 Years Anniversary Survey” is the latest booklet by Gallup International Association. It is based on a special global polling programme conducted in 64 countries around the world – celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Association. The edition includes the annual “End of Year” survey as well. The book provides a rich database with global

Not Мuch of a Free World. But at Least Optimistic

Every second citizen of the world we live in finds that political freedoms today in the country they live in are actually insufficient, and at least two out of five believe that they are sufficient. Discontent is even higher when it comes to the economic conditions – nearly two thirds believe that today’s economic opportunities

The World is Divided on Financial Reward

The world’s population is divided when it comes to their urgency for money – 46% of us would prefer gaining some amount of money now, while 42% are willing to wait 12 months to get double the amount. Data is from a special poll conducted by Gallup International Association (GIA) in 56 countries covering over