The World is Divided in Belief that the Threat From COVID-19 was Exaggerated

A traditional End of Year GIA poll, conducted between October and December 2023 covering 44 countries globally, finds the world is divided in belief that the threat from COVID-19 was exaggerated.

Democracy Remains Popular but People Worldwide are Questioning Its Performance

Democracy is still the best form of governance for a clear majority across 43 countries around the world but many are becoming less convinced and the dominant public opinion is that they are not ruled by the will of people. Further, while elections are considered mostly free and fair, trust in them is shattered (even

Fewer People are Willing to Fight for Their Country Compared to Ten Years Ago

One in two adults around the world declare that they would fight for their country if there was a war, a third would not, and the others are not sure. It seems that willingness to fight has decreased after the outbreak of several conflicts in recent years. In 2014, for instance, when we witnessed the

BRICS Expansion – Less Than One in Five Positive About It

Almost a third of the people around the world have never heard of BRICS – reveals a global poll conducted by Gallup International Association representing the opinions of about four billion people in 44 countries. Positive and negative attitudes towards the BRICS alliance are almost equal in shares (19% positive vs. 17% negative). One in

Gallup International Association “End of Year” Global Polling Tradition: Fears of War are Serious and Economic Prospects are Gloomy

A majority of people around the world expect a troubled, rather than a peaceful new  year in 2024. Eight out of ten citizens across all continents fear a potential nuclear war and assess the risk of such as either moderate or high. A majority also expects economic difficulties rather than economic prosperity next year, although

A New GIA’s Anniversary Book

“75 Years Anniversary Survey” is the latest booklet by Gallup International Association. It is based on a special global polling programme conducted in 64 countries around the world – celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Association. The edition includes the annual “End of Year” survey as well. The book provides a rich database with global

Not Мuch of a Free World. But at Least Optimistic

Every second citizen of the world we live in finds that political freedoms today in the country they live in are actually insufficient, and at least two out of five believe that they are sufficient. Discontent is even higher when it comes to the economic conditions – nearly two thirds believe that today’s economic opportunities

The World is Divided on Financial Reward

The world’s population is divided when it comes to their urgency for money – 46% of us would prefer gaining some amount of money now, while 42% are willing to wait 12 months to get double the amount. Data is from a special poll conducted by Gallup International Association (GIA) in 56 countries covering over

More Prone to Believe in God than Identify as Religious

More Likely to Believe in Heaven than in Hell

What Will Change in Quarter of a Century?

Ten Expectations about the Future Tell Us More about the Present.

One in Three Global Citizens Want to Migrate

36% around the world willing to migrate. As expected, especially young people from difficult economic background are among potential migrants. Majorities of readiness are observed in Sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America. This is the result of an opinion poll conducted by GIA in 57 countries covering about two thirds of the global population (and about

Do We Live Better than Our Parents? And What about Our Children?

Every second citizen (51%) of the world believes that their life is better than that of their parents. The other half of the people asked is equally divided between those who assess a worse life (23%) and those who find it the same (23%). 3% could not answer. Satisfaction with the living standard is a